Wideblue Ltd

From instant cameras to a cost-saving solution for deepwater turbine maintenance.

Every day, an offshore wind turbine blade faces the full force of the ocean weather, enduring winds up to hurricane force. Regular inspection is vital to ensure that the smooth operation of the turbine is maintained. Today, these checks are carried out once or twice a year by engineers who use rope access techniques to physically inspect the blade, a process that can be challenging, time consuming and expensive.

In Glasgow a team of imaging specialists working at Wideblue Ltd, recognised an opportunity to use their technology to dramatically reduce the need for these inspections. But Wideblue didn’t have the technical knowledge or contacts to take the step alone, so they partnered with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult to develop and test an optical system to monitor blade health in real time.

The result of the partnership is a world-first that has the potential to reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy through reduced blade inspection and maintenance costs.