Scottish SMEs to revolutionise how wind turbines are monitored

The offshore wind industry is a key growth sector for the UK economy and offers huge opportunity for supply chain and technology companies.  However, accessing turbines far into the ocean in order to test and validate technology is seen as a barrier to innovation.

Now there is a solution that allows companies to test technology on an open access facility – ORE Catapult’s 7MW game-changing Levenmouth offshore wind demonstration turbine – a working full-scale turbine, just metres from the shore.

The turbine is currently enabling an ORE Catapult competition, funded by the Scottish Government, to develop sensor technology and data systems that can help with product development as well as operation and maintenance of wind farms.

Among those successful in the competition and now fitting the turbine with sensors are three Scottish companies, Turner Iceni, Sensor-works and Hydrasun.