Nova Innovation Ltd

Transforming our understanding of tidal arrays in real-world conditions.

The turbulent tides around the coast of Great Britain give us one of the best marine energy resources in the world. But, while estimates suggest marine energy could contribute £4bn to the economy by 2050, the industry is still young and working to bring down the cost of producing electricity from the tides.

One game changing Scottish company, Nova Innovation, is in the process of proving that tidal energy can compete with other renewable energy industries, including offshore wind. In 2016 the Edinburgh-based company scored a world first with its three-turbine Shetland Array, a project delivered with 80% Scottish supply chain content. Now it is the lead partner in the EU’s €20 million flagship Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal project, EnFAIT.

As well as adding another three turbines to the Shetland Array, EnFAIT will explore the as yet unknown effects of the ocean by frequently repositioning and testing the turbines to see how it can operate most efficiently.