Enabling Smarter Seabed Surveys


Edinburgh-based MarynSol specialises in advanced data acquisition, management and analytics solutions that can shine a light on even the darkest corners of the murky deep. “Our approach is to use marine autonomous vehicles as a survey platform,” says Jonathan Evans, the company’s Director, “delivering data that answers operations and maintenance questions efficiently and safely.”

MarynSol tested its SeaSmart automated marine survey payload at the Levenmouth Turbine in late October. Performing a successful survey of the seabed surrounding the turbine and its piles, it identified potential hazards in and around the turbine and bay. It also demonstrated that its autonomous method can survey a substantial area in significantly less time than traditional methods while producing reliable, useful data. The company’s approach also means inspections can be repeated at regular intervals, allowing changes in seabed state to be monitored over time. “Having access to the Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine has been invaluable in helping us prove the capabilities of the system and de-risking the technologies,” says Evans.