ACT Blade, the spin-out company of SMAR Azure made its name in the sailing industry, designing and making lightweight sails for competition and leisure enthusiasts all around the world.

The company’s founder, Dr Sabrina Malpede, saw an opportunity to adapt the award-winning sail technology she developed during her doctorate for wind turbine blades, so approached the ORE Catapult for support.

Working together we identified funding avenues for a feasibility study of their novel blade technology, with money coming from Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst. The study identified that a textile blade using SMAR Azure’s technology could be 50% lighter and 30% stiffer than conventional fibreglass blades.

Find out more about how this truly groundbreaking technology, which has the potential to massively reduce the cost of producing electricity from offshore windfarms and to open up niche markets in Life Extension onshore projects, in our next series of Game Changers’ films.